Emergency Information

Emergency Notifications

Please check this website and the village Facebook page for various emergency notifications affecting village residents such as water main breaks, boil water notices, snow emergencies, etc. as they occur. Important information will be posted there.

Update Your Phone Number For Code Red 911 Updates

Stillwater residents should register their cellular and landline phones to receive emergency warning notifications from Saratoga County 9-1-1 under the Code Red System. 

Be Ready When Disaster Strikes: Create a Family Preparedness Plan

Unfortunately, disasters can strike at any time, and there is usually little warning and time to prepare. To help in the event of a disaster, create a Family Preparedness Plan.

Radon Information

Review this factsheet about radon, its affects and what you can do to combat it.

Village Emergency Management Plan

This plan, written in 2012, is the result of the recognition by both the Town and Village of Stillwater that a comprehensive plan is needed to enhance and guide the community’s ability to prepare, respond and recover from emergency or disaster events. This plan was prepared jointly with members of the volunteer Emergency Management Committee in coordination with Saratoga County and the State Office of Emergency Management. The plan constitutes an integral part of a statewide emergency management program and contributes to its effectiveness. The development of the plan included an analysis of potential hazards that could affect the Community and an assessment of the capabilities and subsequent gaps existing in the Town and Village to deal with potential incidents.

Emergency Traffic Plan

An Emergency Traffic Plan was created to enable response agencies to efficiently react to a traffic management emergency with Stillwater and adjacent jurisdictions. It is intended to identify high risk transportation corridors, identify resources, to recognize resource gaps and develop contingency plans to mitigate gaps.

Report Streetlight Outage

If there’s a streetlight out in your neighborhood, please report it by completing and submitting a form on the NYSEG website. It’s important you provide the:

  • location of the streetlight,
  • nearest cross street, and
  • pole number – usually located on a metal strip attached to the pole; not all poles may have this metal strip.
  • How to Report a Street Light Outage