Zoning & Code Enforcement

Village of Stillwater Form Based Code

For several months during 2016-17, the Town and Village of Stillwater worked jointly together to collaboratively develop new zoning code changes and design standards that would promote walkable mixed-use development where there is existing development, protect and preserve rural and historical areas including north of the Village and near the Saratoga Historic Battlefield, and enhance and support economic development and revitalization efforts along the Route 4 corridor. This project involved updating both the Town and Village zoning codes and resulted in individual updates for both jurisdictions.

The goal of this project was to create seamless zoning code and design standards that provide regulatory consistency along the Route 4 corridor and support, maintain, and enhance the unique and historic mixed-use, walkable land use/development pattern in this portion of the Town and Village.

The project included a public survey, and several public presentations followed by public hearings in March 2016, and June 2017. Below is the final document from the study.

Zoning Board of Appeals

Wayne Simmons, Chairman

CEO-Department of Code Enforcement/Chief-Department of Fire Services

Laurence Case
(518) 522-5187

The job of a code enforcement officer is an important part of the effort to provide a safe and healthy environment for the public. There are specific regulations and statutes a code enforcement officer needs to learn in order to perform their duties, and these will depend on the size and regulatory scope of the governmental entity they work for.

For fee schedule permit and licensing fees for various building projects like renovation projects, sheds, decks, pools, demolition, etc., please contact the Office of the Village Clerk.