Bicentennial Update: The Beginnings of Stillwater Village

By Historian Linda Sanders and Annetta Smith DeLano

It was possibly in 1815 that a discussion began about the forming of a village in the town of Stillwater.

According to the notes written by Mrs. Susan Hayner, long time village historian. Her notes are as follows.

“This aggregation had grown so large that conditions in the village demanded some sort of organized government distinct from the town government. The shiftless element had apparently been infiltrating and occupying no doubt he “rusty shanties’ along Main Street into two lower streets. This change in the village orientation caused a great flurry. New houses built fronting the Turnpike back to the old yards, old ones added to; some moved, some pivoted about; some actually cut in two. All desired to face the new highway.

Other reasons listed:

Fast growth with crowding, moral let down following the War of 1812.
The effect of the war on manufacturing, the effect of the new turnpike and taverns and future outlook
There is scant material and one must read between the lines.”

A committee of village citizens was recently appointed to serve to prepare for the celebration of the village in 2016.

Plans are being developed and one of the first events will be a kickoff buffet and dance at the Stillwater Area Community Center on November 14th. Stay tuned for further details.