Dirck Swart House – Meet this Stillwater politician, patriot and first postmaster

old house with a picket fence
Dirck Swart house in Stillwater circa 1757.

Dirck Swart was born in Dutchess County on May 17, 1734. His family eventually moved northward toward Schenectady and Swart later settled in Stillwater and built a house circa 1757 (see photo).

This Dutch-style home is still located on what is now Hudson Avenue in the village. An historical marker is in front of the house.

Swart was very active on the political scene and was appointed Justice of the Peace by royal authority in 1770 and served until 1772. With the change of the atmosphere, Swart became a patriot with his feelings as to the need of a change from the ruling of the British to a government that supported the people of America.

Swart was elected to the first Congress in 1775 as a representative of Albany County.

Being of Dutch descent and a friend of General Philip Schuyler, his home was used as Schuyler’s headquarters prior to the appointment of Horatio Gates as commander of the northern army.

In 1788 he was a delegate to the New York State Constitutional Convention. He was an anti Federalist but was not there for the final vote which was closed.

In March of 1788, Swart served as the Town Clerk in the Town of Stillwater in the District of Saratoga County in the County of Albany.

When Saratoga County was officially taken off of Albany County on February 17, 1791, Swart was appointed to serve as the first County Clerk by Governor Clinton.

He also served as the first postmaster of Stllwater in 1797.

Swart passed away on February 10, 1804.