Mayor presents Trustees with State of the Village report


Developed a Comprehensive Plan to protect the historic character of the Village.

Obtained funding to beautify the business district and new entrance signs, new lighting lamps for center of Village

Partnered with Town of Stillwater government to establish a Town and Village
Emergency Management and Preparedness Plan.

Initiated annual budget for the Village’s Bicentennial Celebration.

Imposed a regulation requiring developers to pay the Village legal and engineering fees.

Promoted Shared Services Planning with the Village to save tax dollars.

Received a Department of Transportation grant to install sidewalks on the North Hudson Avenue, along with new signal lights for traffic safety for children walking to school.

Finished sidewalk and signal lights project, along with installing new drainage system.

Completed the contracts for installation of the new water supply system from Saratoga CountyWater System.

Paid off the loan early with the USDA for  water project financing for 36 years.
Completed 8-mile long water line for the Village of Stillwater from the SCWA line, which gives the Village a new water system.

Settled General Electric Co. lawsuit for the Village of Stillwater, a long hard fight.

Paid off all of the debt associated with the water project closing the USDA-RD loan.

Issued an EDU rebate to the Village taxpayers in the total sum of $187,335.

Conducted a monthly “Senior Time” program at the Stillwater Area Community Center, with Trustee Judy Wood-Shaw overseeing the program.

Continued the sewer upgrade project further reducing infiltration of ground water into the Village’s sewer collection system.

Also in process of upgrading the Village sewer plant and the sewer lines throughout the Village, and upgrading the pump station for years to come.

In process of purchasing of new equipment for the Village’s Department of Public Works.

Worked with the NYS Department of Transportation to repave Routes 4 & 32 through the Village.

A new Village Ice Skating Rink was open for the public enjoyment.

Rebuilt and repaved Park Avenue following the installation of a new sewer force main.

Village has instituted good shared services with the Town of Stillwater and the City of Mechanicville.

The Village has obtain an A+ rating by the NYS Comptroller Office on its Annual Update Document (AUD), auditing to see if municipalities are under fiscal stress.

Village is in great shape.