Please take the Stillwater Police reinvention online survey

In accordance with Gov. Cuomo’s Executive Order: “Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative”, dated August 2020, a key component is community involvement.

The Town of Stillwater Police Commission and the Town of Stillwater Police Department are looking to engage members of the Stillwater community to become part of this important collaborative.

The goal is to recognize the strides made in our policing to date and to develop ideas that will enhance and improve our current policies.

We ask as a resident that you take this brief online survey to help us in our endeavor. Here is the link:

Recently, the Town of Stillwater was named number 47 in the top 100 of the safest small towns in the USA.

Thank you for your willingness to partner with us.  We appreciate everyone’s support. To learn more about the New York State police reform initiative please review the following document: