Stillwater High School students ‘give back’ to their village

two student pour dirt from a wheelbarrowFor the eighth year in a row, members of the Stillwater High School Freshman class headed out into their community Wednesday for a day of service, which has been appropriately named “SHS Gives Back Day.”

Students (some seniors joined the freshmen) worked throughout the town and village of Stillwater raking leaves for community members and doing yard cleanup. They also helped prepare Major Dickinson Children’s Park and other areas for spring and volunteered painting at The Stillwater Area Community Center.

teen works on a computer with a senior citizenAnother group of students spent time at The Stillwater Area Community Center helping area senior citizens and others learn basic computer, tablet and cell phone skills, for example, e-mailing, Facebook and texting.

SHS Gives Back Day allows students to service the Stillwater community and surrounding areas. Students, staff and our district take great pride in this event because it continues to build camaraderie and allows us to give back in a positive manner.

teen works on a smart phone with a senior citizen“The students were a tremendous help and we appreciate their efforts,” said Stillwater Village Mayor Rick Nelson.

Participants included Grade 9: Aiden Desnoyers, Issac Miklas, Hanna Ghaly, Tim Buchal, Avery Hebert, McKenna Hebert, Makayla Stewart and Darius Mahdavi. Grade 12: Danika Svendsen and Kaitlyn Welcome. Parent Volunteer: Kevin Buchal. Stillwater Teachers: Peri Crowley, Julia Chesney and Tom Leewe. Village: Mayor Rick Nelson and Trustee Judy Wood-Zeno.