Village ice rink open for season

The village ice skating rink is now open for operation, thanks once again this year to the efforts of the Zamboni Brothers.

The brothers began preparing the rink at Thanksgiving and, after many tries, have the ice ready to go. The above seasonal temperatures have made it difficult to keep the ice from going soft but we’re sure more good days lie ahead.

children play hockey on ice rinkThe young children are having a ball learning to skate and playing a little ice hockey. The moms are able to sit in the sun and watch as the kids zoom around the rink.

The rink is located at the basketball courts next to the American Legion. It is open to the Village and Town residents and is totally free with unlimited hours of operation for day and night skating. Lights are provided but please turn them off when you leave. We are asking the public to police the rink themselves and treat it as if it were their own, because it is.

Please enjoy it. Grab your skates and join in the fun.