Village ice rink prepares for opening

men prepare the ice skating rink
The Zamboni Brothers prepare the village ice rink for a new season.

Did you keep your ice skates sharp over the warm weather months? If not, get them sharpened because the village ice rink is about to open and we’re ready to skate.

A new rink liner has been installed and 50,000 gallons of water have been added. The village has also purchased two new heavier duty hockey nets, a fire pit of our own, portable lighting to skate at night when the ice is good and two new signs on the corner of Lake Street and American Legion Way, letting everyone know where the Village ice rink is.

All we need now is cold weather to make some ice. We will have our Winter Fest in February, date to be announced, as the conclusion of the winter skating season. Tell Santa you want skates for Christmas then come out and join the fun and thrills of ice skating, in the day or under the stars. Bring your marshmallows.

See you all there. “Happy Thanksgiving” and a “Merry Christmas” to all!

The Zamboni Brothers – Tim & Jim