Village residents asked to comment on road survey as Trustees develop five-year improvement plan

The village has completed an assessment of the condition of its roads and streets and is seeking public comment as Trustees develop a five-year plan for making improvements.

The assessment was completed this month by Trustee John Murphy and Department of Public Work Foreman Matt Rifenburgh, who did a visual inspection of all roads and put together a spreadsheet ranking them in terms of their condition. Each road was given a score by the village official, with 5 being the best condition and 1 being the worst.

Receiving the worst ranking of 1 or 2 were North Nielson, Lansing, Russell, Montgomery, Riverside and Garage Road. These streets had large potholes, experience cracking, and were in general need of shoulder repair, the report showed.

Roads ranked in the best condition with a score of 4 or 5 included Clinton, Colonial, Broughton, School, Palmer, S. Nielson, General Morgan, Lake, Park and Campbell.

Mayor Rick Nelson asks that residents look over the survey report and contact the village to “campaign for their roads” if they believe the report is in error.

“We’re not (governing) in a box here,” Nelson said. “We want input from out residents on this.”