Vomacka resigns to take seat on Stillwater Town Board, Mayor steps down early

Village Trustee Ellen Vomacka has announced she is stepping down from the Village Board effective April 1 to accept a seat on the Stillwater Town Board. She is scheduled to be sworn in as Councilwoman on April 2.

In other news, Mayor Ernest Martin has announced his resignation from office effective March 19. Martin, who had served as mayor for 23 years and was the longest serving mayor in Stillwater history, was defeated in his bid for re-election on March 18 by Rick Nelson. His term was to expire on April 6. Martin gave no reason for his early departure only to say, he thanked everyone who had helped him in his career, especially the three Village Clerks who served under him.

“Thank you to all, God bless and good luck to all,” Martin said in his resignation letter.

Mayor-elect Nelson will take the oath of office for his first, four-year term on April 4, 4 p.m., at the Stillwater Blockhouse. His first official day in office in April 6. Until that time, Deputy Mayor John Basile will serve as interim mayor. Basile, who did not run for re-election as Trustee this year, will leave office on April 6 under the transition of government.

Vomacka will replace Ginger Whitman, who is stepping down from the Town Board, leaving the vacancy. Vomacka said her exit from village government has nothing to do with the change in leadership.

“I look at this as a good opportunity to help the village and town work more closely together where both can receive the benefits of doing so,” she said. “It has been my pleasure to serve as village Trustee and I want to thank the village residents for this wonderful experience.”

Vomacka began serving her first four-year term on the Village Board in April of 2009. She was re-elected to a new four-year term in March, 2013. Two years remain on her unexpired term. The Village Board will make an appointment to replace her in the near future.

During her tenure, Vomacka will be remembered for her work in spearheading the grant funded village sidewalk project on the Northside, the launch of the village website, park improvements and activities for children, and improvements as liaison with the village fire department, among other things.