Wood-Shaw elected new village Mayor, Basile & DeMarco win Trustee seats

women with glasses smiling
Stillwater village Mayor-elect Judith Wood-Shaw

Stillwater voters went to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 6 and elected Judith Wood-Shaw as their new village Mayor. They also elected two Trustees who ran unopposed.

Wood-Shaw, of 9 Independence Row, defeated Anthony J. Schunk, of 4B Barbolt Court, by a vote of 344 (75%) to 111. Dorothy DeMarco, 7 Ferry Lane, was elected to a three-year term as Trustee (369 votes) and Incumbent Trustee John A. Basile was elected to a new one-year term on the board (348 votes).

Incumbent Mayor Frank Tatum did not seek re-election to office. All terms elected Nov. 6 begin on Dec. 3, 2018.

Change in village elections

Village elections were traditionally held in March every two years. But as a cost savings change and to encourage increased voter turnout, the village election date was revised to be the second Tuesday in November to coincide with state and national elections. The Saratoga County Board of Elections is now responsible for the village elections.

Village terms for Mayor and Trustee are traditionally four years, and elections are normally held in odd numbered years. However, this fall’s special election was necessitated by the mayoral resignation that led to appointment of Trustee Frank Tatum as the Mayor and John Basile as Trustee to fill the position vacated by Trustee Tatum. Basile was elected to the one year remaining on the original Tatum term. And with the resignation of Trustee Eunice Marshall and appointment of John Murphy last June, there was a third opening to be filled by special election. DeMarco was elected to the three years remaining on the original Marshall term. John Murphy did not seek re-election to the board.

Therefore, new terms for the Mayor (Wood-Shaw) and one Trustee position (Basile) will expire in December 2019. The Trustee position won by DeMarco is for a term ending in December 2021.

At the next election in November 2019, the Mayor and one Trustee position will revert to the traditional four-year cycle. Subsequently, the second Trustee position will revert to the normal four-year cycle as well but in December 2021.