2013 year of accomplishment for the village

crews work on sidewalk repairs
2013 saw the completion of the new Hudson Avenue sidewalk project and storm water drainage improvements near Stillwater Central School.

2013 will be remembered as a year of accomplishment for the Village of Stillwater as several key initiatives from water and sewer upgrades to road and sidewalk improvements were completed or got underway.

“The Village Board (of Trustees) should be commended for a job well done,” said Mayor Ernest Martin. “It’s not always easy but I think this village is doing a great job and I’m proud to be its mayor.”

Here is a year in review list of some of the 2013 accomplishments:

  • Sidewalks and related storm water drainage were installed in the northern portion of the Village on Hudson Avenue, meeting the intent of the Village Comprehensive Plan Goal 2.1.
  • The residential development of 39 units called Stillwater Landing commenced with infrastructure installations.
  • Sewer collection system upgrades have been installed by lining the older vitreous clay tile pipe reducing the infiltration of ground water and extending the life of the lined portions of pipe some 30 to 40 years.
  • The new water supply system operated for the calendar year, and the total usage was above the minimum contracted supply.
  • The New York State Conference of Mayors commended the Village of Stillwater for joining the New York State Municipal Insurance Reciprocal (NYMIR), saving village taxpayers thousands of dollars on their liability insurance costs.
  • The Newland-Wood Fire Company of the Stillwater Fire Department won two trophies while attending the annual Hudson Valley Volunteer Firemen’s Association firefighters parade.
  • Hudson Avenue was repaved by the New York State Department of Transportation from the south end of the village to Montgomery Place.
    Paving of Major Dickenson and other village roads were made by the village Department of Public Works.
  • The village celebrated its first anniversary of offering its monthly Senior Time program at The Stillwater Area Community Center.
  • The ice skating rink was opened for its third season with a new rink liner.
  • Funding and approvals were obtained for the Hudson Avenue school safety warning signs that will be installed in the spring near the Stillwater School complex.
  • Stillwater, New York, was named the seventh safest place in New York State by the real estate website, Moveto.com.