Stillwater Stewart’s Shop proposes lot expansion

Stewarts store facade
he Stillwater Stewart’s Shop has proposed plans to the village to expand its location on Hudson Avenue.

The Stillwater Stewart’s Shop presented plans to the Village Board of Trustees this month (Jan. 21) to expand its lot on Hudson Avenue to improve traffic flow and allow better access to the gas pump areas.

“Everyone knows there is an issue with going in and out of there in multiple areas,” Stewart’s Shops representative Jennifer Howard told the board. “We’re really trying to make it safer and a little easier for our customers to get gas.”

To accomplish that, the company is in the process of purchasing a two-story, two-family home adjacent to the store property. Once purchased, the building would be torn down and the lot would be used to increase the site space. The store would remain unchanged.

Plans also call for shutting down fuel operations during construction, a process Howard estimated could take eight to 10 weeks. The underground pumps would be dug up, removed and replaced with a new 15,000-gallon gasoline holding tank and a 6,000-gallon tank to hold diesel fuel. The Stillwater Stewart’s does not offer diesel fuel at the present time. There would still be two fuel islands able to service four cars at a time.

Also in the works are plans for new energy efficient LED lighting, a new 20 X 40-foot canopy and electronic sign, a larger vehicle entrance to the Stewart’s lot and replacement of some of the sidewalk areas.

The company hopes to begin the project in March and have it completed before summer. The project will require an environmental and site review by the village before it can proceed.

Village Trustees also heard the following reports/updates on January 21:

  • The Village Board passed a resolution acknowledging completion of the Saratoga County Water Authority project and authorized final payment for the work.
  • The Village Board also authorized repairs to the fire department roof, using NBN Contracting, at a cost not to exceed $3,400.
  • Trustee Ellen Vomacka reported that she attended a meeting of the fire department to continue to discuss the rewriting of the department’s bylaws, a project she’s been involved in for several months. She also announced details of the annual Stillwater WinterFest, which will be held Sunday, Feb. 16, 1-5 p.m. She also shared information with the Village Board about a shared grant with the Town of Stillwater for a Local Waterfront Revitalization Project, the details of which will be discussed in the future.
  • Trustee Judith Wood-Shaw reported that she is still awaiting more estimates for the village to purchase a backup generator for the fire department as part of the village’s Emergency Management Plan. She also announced the next Senior Time program will be held on Friday, Jan. 31 and attendees will be playing Bingo and making bird feeders.
  • Trustee Timothy Campbell reported he would like the village to consider purchasing two pieces of equipment for the Department of Public Works – a mini excavator and an air compressor before the new budget is passed. The excavator is a 9-ton and rotates 360 degrees and carries a small blade on the front. It could be CAT or John Deere, and the price is roughly $107,000. The air compressor is about $12,000. Mayor Martin suggested Trustee Campbell research pricing through New York State contracts.
  • Trustee John Basile reported in regards to the water project, contract No. 3 is essentially complete except for adjustments needed on the altitude valve at the Dick Lynch tank because of the new orifice that was installed there. There are still level transmitters needed for both tanks, to provide that to the high tide system, for contract No. 4, he said. There is a projected completion date of Feb. 10. In regards to the sewer project, the force main changes have been approved and the drawings need to go to EFC. The village is also working on the paperwork for a one-year extension for the EFC loan.
  • The Fire Department responded to six alarms in December and conducted one drill during the month, with nine members attending. The department also participated in a wake and funeral detail and three fundraisers. The fire chief also said the department hopes to move the old steamer truck to its new location soon following renovation of the garage door.
  • Code Enforcement Officer Lawrence Allen submitted his monthly reports for December and January. In December he issued a permit for the installation of a new furnace at a residence on Lake Street and inspected the furnace. In January he issued Notice of Violations for six abandoned homes – four on Hudson Avenue and one each on Lake Street and Major Dickinson Avenue. He also issued a permit for roof repairs to a home on Hudson Avenue.
  • Department of Public Works crews were busy in December and January clearing and salting roadways, shoveling out fire hydrants, and working at the water and sewer plants. Superintendent of Public Works Paul O’Kosky reported that the orifice has been changed on tank No. 2 and the tank screen has been cleaned to produce better pressure. The new fencing has been completed at all sites. He stated he would like to replace some fire hydrants in the spring, and is currently working on obtaining pricing. The Village Board also appointed Superintendent O’Kosky as the “certified water operator” for the village’s water system.
  • Mayor Ernest Martin thanked Trustee Campbell and Mr. Peacock for their hard work on the preparation and maintenance of the village ice rink for the winter season.