Village to purchase upgraded pumper truck for Stillwater Fire Department

red fire truck reads Johnsonville fire district on front

The village Board of Trustees has approved the purchase of a used fire truck to upgrade the firefighting ability of the Newland-Wood Fire Company of the Stillwater Fire Department.

The 1991 Spartan truck made by Marion ETA is being bought from the Johnsonville Fire District for $12,500. The Spartan will replace the department’s 1987 Simon Duplex Engine fire vehicle which will be kept in reserve to use when needed.

The Spartan vehicle will offer the department many improvements over the Simon, Assistant Chief Tony Conti told the board. The Spartan pumper holds 1,250 gallons of water compared to the 500-gallon capacity of the Simon. The Spartan pump panel is a top mount pump versus the Simon’s side mount which gives the pump operator a 360-degree view and is less dangerous if operating on a roadway.

The Spartan truck also offers a five-man enclosed cab while the cab of the Simon is open and exposed to the weather. It also comes with chains for winter weather and a front mount suction system for easier water drafting from the Hudson River.

red fire truck reads Johnsonville fire district on side